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Sophisticated manufacturing solutions Since 1980 Macro Engineering has specialised in delivering sophisticated manufacturing solutions and precision servo systems to leading British companies. A small specialist team serves its users from sites in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire, providing installation, service and technical consultancy. Macro counts among its clients leading companies in the Areospace, Formula 1 Motor Racing, Military Vehicle and Precision Engineering sectors.

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Heavy Duty machining - Precision machine tools - High Speed Machining Centres - Deep Hole Boring - Horizontal Turning Lathes - Heavy Duty Lathes - Roll Turning - Machining Centres - Boring Machines - Tunnel Boring - Ring Turning - Large Diameter machining - Complex Machining - Three Axis machining centres - Four Axis machining centres - Five Axis machining centres - 3 Axis machining - 4 Axis machining - 5 Axis machining - Milling machines - Turning machines - Grinding machines - Tool making - Mould making - Servo pumps - Servo motors - Servo systems - Hydraulic systems - Bilge pumps - Model production - Prototype machining - Fuel pumps - Fighting Vehicle Equipment - EMI suppression - Electromagnetic Interference - Railway Wheel Turning - Aircraft Landing Gear production - Air conditioning systems - Fuel lift pumps - Re-fuelling pumps - Track tensioning systems

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